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The World of Solinia Online

For more information see the Locations and Natives Menu on the left. Official Website

Solinia, Soundtrack, Places, Timeline
Factions, Notable Characters, Deities
Races, Money, Languages, Spells, Quests

For the Players

For more information see the Gameplay Menu on the left. Lore PortalPlayer Lore

Shout outs to Solinia's previous team members

(In no particular order)HawkStorm - Producer & FounderKylethedarkn - ComposerThorn - Lore WriterCuddles - Lore Writer

AlphaMaelstrom - Lore Writer

Mixxit - Crossover Lore Writer

Viet - Game Designer

Qynst - Game Designer

AlphaMaelstrom - Game Designer

Nitronz - Composer

Trent Volz - World Mapper

Kamil - Concept Artist (Contracted)

Aaron - Web Developer

Mixxit - Crossover Developer

Rorke - Concept Artist (Contracted & Complete


Please connect using minecraft to:


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