By Kamil Jadczak


Size: human sized

Skin: scaly, with variations of green, yellow and red

Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Arms: Two (with claws)

Legs: Two (with claws)

Artistic Style

Color: Green

Mood: Hostile


Combat Ability: High, with the ability to breathe fire.

Magic Ability: None

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Evil

Home City:

Primary Faction:


Dragons. They used to be majestic beings. Then came the humans, and whenever they find something not in their control, they deem it out of control. That is how the Tailless came to be. The dragons depended on their tails to help fly, as well as to walk. By capturing dragons and cutting the tails off, they made the dragons totally dependent on their tormentors to learn how to walk on two legs. The Tailless are psychologically conditioned to work for the humans, and are a reflection of their new master's ruthlessness, being used to burn down villages and to hunt other dragons they could not abduct. Tails are cut off at birth to ensure permanent obedience. By the time of the cataclysm, the dragons became extinct and even with the humans gone, the Tailless more or less took their place.

Inspirational Reference

Inspiration: Lesser Dragons (forgive the reference)