By Giordano Pranzoni


Name: Navajo

Size: Around seven feet.

Skin: Greenish-gray, with leathery scales.

Hair: None.

Eyes: Varying shades of yellow.

Legs: Two

Arms: Two

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Muted green

Associated mood: Hard to read, but generally indifferent.

Navajo clothing and tools are often made from wood and bone, having no access to metal. Their clothing is likewise pelts, though they wear it mostly as a status symbol.


Combat Ability: Very good melee, abysmal range.

Magic Ability: Simplistic magic that makes extensive use of bone fetishes.

The Navajo are virtually amphibious. They are powerful swimmers, and can stay submerged for long periods of time.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Yacare

Primary Faction: The Navajo


The Navajo are a race of upright alligators. They have a heavily hunched posture due to the weight of their head. Their legs are short for a creature of such a size, though their arms are proportionately correct and heavily muscled. They do have tails which seem to aid in swimming, but functions only as a counterbalance on land. They have a very forward-sloped posture, and would have a hard time standing if they lost their tail. They are extremely powerful swimmers, and can overtake any land-dweller in the water.

They are primarily carnivores, with a fish-oriented diet. They happily eat other meat though, and hunt the jungle using a spear that looks like a thick pole with a rather thin tip. The added mass allows them to get the most out of their great strength, and the small head prevents it from snagging underbrush in flight. They occasionally domesticate the large crocodiles native to the jungles, useful as pets, guards and hunting companions.

The Navajo who are inclined to spirituality follow the entity they call Alarnak, the Fang and Claw. In their belief system he is the patriarch of predators, all hunting creatures having been molded by him. In this faith, might makes right. If someone is a capable warrior, they are obviously favored by the lord of predators. The weak get little respect, as they are simply a toll on the rest of the group and unable to contribute in most ways.

Their burial customs seem absolutely savage to those who don't understand the faith. Assuming that they can recover the body, it is skinned. The hide is made into leather, and the bones are removed and used in tools and weaponry. Finally, and perhaps most horrifically to those of other races, the remains are consumed by the tribe. This makes perfect sense in their eyes, it is to them the same as making sure that they use all the parts they can from a hunt. Why then would they refuse the same honor to one of their own?

Inspirational Reference


Their legs are much shorter than this, and their arms are a little shorter and much more densely muscled.

The Navajo were not designed with the intent of them being a playable race.