Brief Details

Mt. Yutacan is an enormous, overgrown ziggurat constructed by the ancient Human empire. It seems to have been a large science station, though now much of it is damaged.

Transport Links

It's located in the depths of the jungles of Metnalba.

Locations of Interest

In the darkest depths of the mountain lurks Elder Human Xlaxotl. For over a thousand years he's toiled on his experiments in the near-darkness of his laboratory, hidden so deep within the structure that it may actually be underground.


The halls of Mt. Yutacan are filled with dangers. Failed experiments pull their bulk through the corridors, in a flesh-starved frenzy. The remains of experiments create environmental hazards, from pools of toxic chemicals to glowing rocks that kill anyone who comes too near.


Mt. Yutacan was once a leading science station that primarily dealt with genetic modification. The techniques that were developed here were used to design all manner of creatures, before the empire fell. When the slaves rose, they sealed the entrance and in time forgot what once lurked within the depths. As time went on, the Jungle claimed the building. Thousands of years later, the weight of trees and vines has put a large amount of strain on the building. It's only a matter of time until some part caves in, providing the first entrance since the fall of the Human empire.

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