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Due to the nature of what is being guarded and because of the isolation caused by the chain of mountains cutting off the desert from the rest of continent, the culture revolving around the two residents, the Sept and the Time Mages, involves secrecy and self-reliance. However, the Time Mages themselves are very lonely because of their self-imposed isolation, and any creature who makes it into their city is greeted with immense hospitatility before having to wipe their memories of the city in the first place. The Sept help the Time Mages survive by digging under the sand and marking the areas where water has been found. Time Mages use their magic to create farmland and in turn feed the Sept when they need to feed.


Due to it's close proximity to the equator this island is mostly covered in deserts. The entire island is mostly encompassed by a large stretch of mountains which cover the island from east to west. This creates a valley where a small village of Time Mages reside in the east near an oasis, and also where the Sept's hive is located, in the center.


The underground waterways support both the Time Mages and the Septs, and the special rocks that allow Time Mages to control time allow them to revert the sand back into soil, allowing for farming. There is also dry timber scattered about the desert, the dead trees that were growing on the mountain plains when they dissolved. This timber is used for both shelter and woodwork.

Local Wildlife

Scorpians, Snakes and such

Transport Links

Icaria is north of the Savage Sea and due to this is completely cut off from the southern hemisphere. However to the north is the continent of Nuchalnuth.

Locations of Interest

The Time Mage village would make a great tourist spot if it weren't for the law requiring all outsiders to have their memories erased. The rock formations that amplify time magic would in itself draw in much revenue.

There is also the Sept hive in the center of the desert. However, it was made for Sept living, and aside from the cocoons that contain the souls of reincarnated heroes, there is nothing special to see.


Many dangerous creatures inhabit this mostly inhospitable island


Icaria used to be entirely composed of mountains, not just the ring that now isolates it. However, there came a near calamity that could have reduced the entirety of Solinia to dust. This was first noticed when mountains in the east started to turn to sand at an accelerated rate. A powerful mage recognized it as an effect of a magical nature. When he went to study it, he learned that the magic used was the kind that allowed time to fast forward. Learning how to counteract it the best he could, the wizard learned how to cast magic to reverse the effects of the rapid aging. He taught this to a small group of six other wizards, then they went into the aging field. When they found the source, a rock that sped up time, they used their magic to seal it up. It was then that they noticed two other rocks, one that froze the present and another that made time go backwards. When a recruited wizard realized that all three rocks would enable time travel, the coven sealed those two as well. When they finished, only the chain of mountains of the present day were left. The rest became today's desert. Unfortunately, the wizard's magic was not perfect, and many were near death. The two wizards responsible for sealing the present stone used its power to preserve themselves, as only those who sealed the stone can use it. The two wizards who sealed the backwards stone modified the magic to make them age backwards at a regular rate. This had the unintended side effect of recycling them into their past lives, and it is unknown what will happen to them when they reach the beginning of time. The two who sealed the forward stone modified it so that they would age normally, but be reborn into their next life immediately in the village. They fear what will happen to them when they reach the end of time. The final wizard, who helped seal all three, chose to die, so that time travel would be impossible. As a safeguard, the remaining six wizards guard the area and keep time travel secret. The backwards aging wizards even perfected a technique that erased memories from those who discovered the village. These souls would then be escorted out by the Sept. They were also responsible for reverting sand into soil.

When the Septs were turned into wasp people, they were placed in the desert to avoid both persecution and the corruption of politics, only allowing themselves to focus on the next war.

Every once in a while, the final, reborn wizard will be drawn back to the village. It is always this person that is treated with the best the village has to offer, and it is the person that the wizards are the most sad to see go.

(Note: Should the backwards and forwards wizards start looking similar near the end of the game?)